The Need

There is growing demand for leased pasture and harvested forage resources.

  • Widespread drought and increasing costs of ranching are powerful forces driving many producers to find leased pasture and/or harvested forages for feeding in order to avoid selling livestock.

Leasing pasture and finding alternative forage sources is harder than it should be.

  • In the past, finding pasture for lease or harvested forage for sale has been difficult and time-consuming.
  • If you are seeking pasture or forage, information about availability and price is hard to come by, especially if you have to search outside your home region or do not regularly lease land or purchase harvested forage.
  • If you are a land or forage owner, advertising in local newspapers or by word of mouth does not expose you to all eligible lessees or buyers, decreasing your opportunity to get the optimum price and leasing arrangement.
  • PastureScout aims to change this by making finding and securing a pasture lease or forage simple.

Stewardship of our existing land resources is more important than ever.

  • Sustainable land management takes creativity, hard work, and a network of like-minded forage owners and producers. As increasing pressure is put on our nation’s agricultural land, the wise utilization of our existing range, cropland, and harvested forage is essential.

The Value

  • Pasture Scout offers true value and convenience for people who seek or own pasture or harvested forage.

Pasture or Forage Seekers

  • Pasture Scout’s customized search tool saves time and money by making it simple to locate a listing and communicate with an owner.

Pasture or Forage Owners

  • Pasture Scout’s listing tool is simple to use and offers exposure to a large number of seekers quicker than local listings or word of mouth.
  • Pasture Scout’s unique auction tool (coming soon) offers the opportunity to realize the true market value for a listing.

Seekers and Owners

  • PastureScout’s network, communication tools, and lease template allow members to find the right leasing partner.