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Members can search and list property and harvested forage for free.

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Any member can participate in auctions for pasture or harvested forage.

  • Owners: Use PastureScout’s auction tool to accept bids for your property or forage.
    • Pasture: $100 minimum + $.10/acre over 1000 acres
    • Harvested Forage: $3 mimimum + $1/short ton (2000 lbs) over 1 ton
  • Seekers: Bid on properties or harvested forage listed for auction
    • $25 per auction, unlimited bidding included

Lease Template (Free!)

Members can use PastureScout’s customizable lease template to set clear expectations before an agreement is finalized, therefore minimizing financial risk, personal hassle, and confusion.

To access the lease template, create your listing using our simple, step-by-step form.  Then click “Create a Lease Agreement” from within that listing to fill in the template with your own details.

Communicate (Free!)

Members can privately contact other members about listings without giving away phone numbers or addresses.  PastureScout’s messaging system makes it simple to keep track of all past messages.