From Frustration to Inspiration

Have you considered leasing pasture but become discouraged as you call yet another friend of a friend who saw a classified ad in a local newspaper, only to find that you are too late to secure the lease? Or are you a landowner who realizes there is huge demand for pasture but is frustrated by how difficult it is to reach a large number of potential lessees?  Do you wish you were better informed about the average lease price in a certain area or for a certain type of forage?  Do you wonder why, in the age of search engines and smartphones, there is not an easier way to list, locate, and secure forage leases? Do you wonder why it’s possible to use an online auction to find and bid on nearly any object imaginable, but it takes you an enormous amount of time and effort to get a pasture lease two counties away?

We did too. And we decided to do something about it.  We are proud to introduce PastureScout, an online network where those who own and use our nation’s pasture and forage resources can list, find, and secure leases.  Right now you can list and search for pasture or forage (hay and silage), just by becoming a PastureScout member (and its FREE!).  In the coming month, we will also introduce technology that allows landowners to accept bids for their lease.  Welcome to our site; look around, search through our listings or create your own.  Be a part of this innovative network aimed at helping land and livestock stewards!

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