Who We Are


PastureScout’s mission is to make leasing pasture and purchasing forage simple.  PastureScout also aims to make leasing and forage information accessible and transparent.


PastureScout’s vision is to facilitate the wise utilization of land resources.  By simplifying the lease process and making information accessible, those who own and use land can focus on land stewardship.  A more efficient and transparent network will greatly benefit landowners and those who own livestock.  Landowners with un- or under-utilized forage now have incentives to make their land available, increasing the available forage base.


With lifelong experience in agriculture and the cattle industry, plus degrees from MIT, Princeton, Texas A&M, and the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, the PastureScout team is passionate about contributing to the success and sustainability of landowners and livestock producers. We believe in challenging the status quo, expanding and strengthening the network of land stewards, and increasing transparency and accessibility in the pasture lease marketplace.