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How simple is it to create a PastureScout listing for your pasture or forage lease ?  So simple that after watching this 2-minute video you will be well on your way to creating an organized, informative, and (if you include a picture - highly recommended!) beautiful listing that nearly 900 PastureScout members can search for by state, size, and type.


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Grazing Lease Wanted

Pearsall, Texas

I’m a 5th generation farmer/rancher who is looking to lease land for grazing within 200 miles of Pearsall, Texas. I am trying to expand our current operations in the cattle, sheep and goat business. I’d be really appreciative if you took the time to think about leasing your land out to a young hardworking individual who can pay competitive rates (by the acre or by the animal unit per month) and take care of your land, as it should be. Not only would this benefit myself, but also you with livestock tax exemption. I'm willing to repair any fence lines that need it and fertilize fields and pa...

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